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Hair Care

Hair Care

Check Out Our Reccomendations for Maintaining Your Hair


These Instructions includes Hair styles such as deep wave, curly and kinky hair Requirements: Water, hair oil, curl defining cream, moisturizing conditioner/shampoo and tooth comb.


‚ÄĘ Curly hair requires High maintenance to maintain its state.

‚ÄĘ Curly hair will tangle, as it is tightly coiled hair. However, tangles should fall out with water and conditioner.

‚ÄĘ treat hair as you would your own hair. taking great care of your hair will ensure duration

‚ÄĘ Do not use heat. you will loosen the curl or destroy it altogether.‚ÄĘ Do not sleep in wet hair

‚ÄĘ After swimming, clarify hair with clarifying shampoo and condition immediately.

‚ÄĘ Recommended steps - run your fingers through, wet and oil everyday - shampoo at least once a month and condition at least once in two weeks-define curls with a curl perfectioning cream, try not to touch curls too much and air dry to prevent frizzinessBleaching and lightening the hair will change the texture of the hair and in some cases damage the hair if not done properly (Therefore we always suggest you consult your professional Hair Stylist). It will loosen or straighten a wave or curl pattern. Again we suggest hydrating, deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair immediately for at least 45mins.All Wavy and Curly hair can be straighten.Body Wave and Straight Loxx Hair are not High maintenance hair types. These Hair types Will require weekly washing and conditioning. A light oil such as Moroccan/Argan will help keep hair healthy and moisturized while not weighing the hair down.Curly And Deep Wave Hair Requires Daily Maintenance in its Natural State.

Curly is coarser than any other hair texture that we carry. It is BIG Curly Hair, you will need to wet it down daily and use a daily conditioner when worn in its natural state.Peruvian Hair is a thicker texture not as coarse but can be bushy. Hair needs to be wet down, light moisturizer/leave in-conditioner, and braided down at night. (if worn in its natural state).If any hair texture is frizzy or dry you will need to deep condition the hair. The less heat the Healthier the Hair

DE-TANGLING- wet hair thoroughly. use your fingers to gently de-tangle hair while wet.

DEEP CONDITIONING/ CO-WASHING- preferred method of ‚Äúwashing‚ÄĚ hair by using moisture rich conditioner.Using a generous amount of conditioner, distribute conditioner through hair in adownward motion using fingers. wrap the hair with the conditioner for at least 10mins

RINSING- run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help theprocess of removing the conditioner. curls should be slipping through your fingers. if youstill have tangles, repeat the conditioner step in the tangled area.

DEFINING CURLS- depending on the product, use a good amount of curl definer orLotion then use your fingers or a tooth comb to brush through. When completed, do not disturb curls!

DRYING- air dry when possible. if not possible, use a diffuser attachmentwith a hair dryer on warm. too much heat will loosen curls. If hair is on a u-part cap,place wig flat to plop curls, then after 1 hr, hang on mannequin head to dry. If hair issewn in, pile hair on top of head like a pineapple, wrap in cotton t-shirt and let dry forapprox. 60mins.DAILY CARE- spray the hair with a mixture of 60% of water, 10% of conditioner, 20% of hair oil and 10% of anti-frizz. de-tangle with fingers if necessary or apply more water with your palm for those who enjoy having the wet curls look.

GOING TO BED- use the pineapple method to secure hair- bend forward, gather hairgently. secure hair with a scrunchie into a LOOSE ponytail

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