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Our Story

Welcome to Loxx Hair Chicago! We are a locally-owned and operated hair care company that has been serving the Chicago area for over 10 years. Our journey began with delivering products hand to hand, and we are proud to have opened our flagship store in downtown Chicago in 2017.

At Loxx Hair Chicago, we are dedicated to providing high quality hair care products that are ethically sourced and thoroughly vetted. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience to both our professional beauty clients and individual customers.

We are grateful to be able to serve the Chicago community and are committed to providing the best products and service possible. If you are in the area, we invite you to come visit us and see for yourself the difference that Loxx Hair Chicago can make for your hair care needs. Thank you for considering us!

At Loxx Hair Chicago, we understand the importance of using high quality products in the hair salon and makeup artist industries. That's why we are dedicated to providing hair salon professionals and makeup artists (MUA's) with the best products available to help them deliver the looks their clients desire.

Our extensive selection of hair care and beauty products has been carefully curated to meet the needs of professionals in the industry. We are constantly seeking out new and innovative products to add to our offerings, so that our clients always have access to the latest and greatest in the beauty world.

We believe that by providing top-notch products, we can help professionals in the hair and beauty industry deliver exceptional results to their clients. It is our goal to be a go-to resource for all of your hair care and beauty product needs.

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